Grow Your Business And Make An Impact With StorySelling - Learn How!
The StorySelling Experience
StorySelling is a personalized training and coaching program designed to increase your authority and make YOU the go-to expert all by growing a profitable connection and conversion process with your audience using content focused on story and sales.
Who Is The Program For?
Whether you're brand new to entrepreneurship, already scaling your business to new heights, or you're just overwhelmed and unsure how to serve and influence at a larger scale, StorySelling will help you:
  • Create raving, trusting customers
  • Learn proven marketing and storytelling strategies
  • Build a content creation and publishing process in your business that is hands-off and time-saving
  • Design and use a proven system curated from known, liked, trusted entrepreneurs who are collecting thousands of leads, thousands to millions of views, millions in sales, and more
  • Clarify your goals and offers
  • Leverage your unique story to sell
  • Get more done using less of your time
  • Grow your email list, audiences, following and business on multiple platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram
  • Use video with intention so it works towards your influence and revenue goals, gets your audience connected to your impactful message, and more
And you’ll do all of this in a way that’s fully aligned with 
your values, lifestyle, vision, and integrity.
These entrepreneurs and companies have used our methods to help grow, sell, and serve with story.
How long will it take you to own your story and build a brand you’re proud of?
  •     Are you an entrepreneur who wants to figure out how to show up and sell more, serve your audience, create more content, and grow a influential business...without using very much of your precious time?
  •     Are you tired on feeling like an imposter with your offers and audience - so you don’t publish content like you know you should.
  •     Have you grown your business to sustainable level but you’re ready for the next level of growth and authority without feeling overwhelmed and overworked?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then it’s time for your own STORYSELLING EXPERIENCE!
A framework that combines quality video-focused content, workflows, people, funnels, and more to create demand for your products and services and establish you as the go-to authority and expert influencer.
Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked with entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes who have been in your shoes
Many successful and influential thought leaders have been where you are right now. And after applying key elements of this StorySelling framework their impact and profit increased!

As I’ve guided many on this path, I also want to walk you through the same patterns, strategies, and systems (by understanding what works and what doesn’t) to help you reach your goals.
So what are you goals exactly?
What is your big vision (most influential) goal for your business? How will you create your legacy?

What if I told you that to achieve that goal it requires just one thing. (I’m serious!)

And if I could help you understand how this one thing is the key source of positive impact in your business for it to grow then would you hire me to help you implement this one thing in your business for you and your customers?
That one thing is STORY...
Stories speak to the human soul like nothing else and will be the source of growth and impact in your business like nothing else.

If what you offer changes lives (especially the more you sell it) and the only way to sell it more is getting them to experience it through sight, sound, and feelings then content (especially video) is how you must communicate. 

Stories from your journey, and your customer’s experiences, will be the most effective marketing communication tool to profitably grow your business.

Now, let’s make this happen with StorySelling…

Ok, so this is all fine and dandy but is it really possible to make this happen for you? Let me know if any of following fit your experiences or thoughts right now...
  • Your existing way of trying to get these results is not working
  •  You’re an expert entrepreneur already making multiple six-figures and beyond
  •  You spend too much time creating and distributing all your own content across funnels, ads, and social media
  •  You think paying for a content team is too expensive
  •  Your existing way of trying to get these results is not working
  •  You’re convinced you’ve already using ‘story’ in your business but not much has happened. 
  •  You’ve tried to save some money by bringing all your content support ‘in-house’ but with only more headaches and time spent.
  •  You feel like it’s not possible to get positive ROI with video cause views don’t equal sales.
If this sounds like you then I'm here to tell you that you're in great company!
Many entrepreneurs have been in your shoes before they launched these methods for themselves. 

And stopped trying to do everything themselves.

So as I’ve worked with a variety of brands over the years I discovered something really interesting...

The ones who succeed and make content really work for them to maximize impact and revenue all have 3 things in common (among many other things).

And by design, they’re the 3 main elements of the StorySelling Framework.
Offer That Sells
They had a sellable (and irresistible) offer. And they knew how they wanted to serve their audience and what to sell to make that happen. And they already have paying customers at their door every day.
Use Story
Your story is your competitive advantage because no one else is you and can connect to your audience like you can! Entrepreneurs who embrace and use their story as a selling mechanism for their offers then have unlimited potential with their impact and profit!
Sales Funnel
Successful entrepreneurs know how to fill their funnels with converting traffic. Daily, valuable, story-driven content remind customers how they can be served with your offers. You do that with content > video, podcast, copy, and design.
Every successful entrepreneur (who’s making the biggest impact) has had each of these 3 things in place in their business.

And every struggling entrepreneur is stuck because they have problems with at least 1 of these key things.

These are not rocket science, and it’s no “secret” cause the knowledge is out there!

And it’s not even that hard to implement...at least when you have the right content systems, tools, and people to help guide you.

But before I tell you more, let me share the journey about one of the amazing people I’ve worked with, who has actually implemented the StorySelling Framework.

Not Sure if the StorySelling Framework will work for your business?
In the "StorySelling Experience" we share the exact techniques 
we used to generate these results:
VP of Marketing, ClickFunnels 
& Founder of Create Your Laptop Life
  • BUSINESS: Grew from 1.3 million in total revenue to over a million in just profit in 1 year with our traffic strategy and story-driven content.
  • VIDEO: Grew Facebook followers qualified fans from 4,000 to 10,000+ in less than year.
  •  PODCAST: 20,000 downloads in 25 episodes in less than 6 months.
  •  MAIL: Grew from 8,000 to over 21,000 qualified leads.
All because she implemented the key strategies from StorySelling Framework. 
Julie Stoian needed an authentic and effective way to use her origin story to sell her transformative product, Create Your Laptop Life. Dallin and Content Supply didn't stop there and produced a video show, podcast, funnel videos, ad campaigns, and more.
Julie’s results aren’t unique. It’s a proven framework that works like clockwork.

But what is unique is her story! Once she leveraged her story and matched the right content and offers to it then her business grew! Both in sales and influence.
You too can make this same success happen and make your dream a reality by following the same step-by-step process.
Course Breakdown
There are eight core learning Modules, plus bonus trainings to help you develop the skills to build a profitable busy with story content. These modules are foundational to the whole journey in order to also guide you in the coaching experience.

Story Discovery

We must understand what makes you different and how you’ll use your unique message to serve your audience and mass movement. We do this through a process we call Story Therapy.

Hero Planning

We must position you as the influential leader in your industry and we do so through creating a strategy to grow your authority. And, through making sure your audience also self-identify as heroes in their own stories to be guided by you!

Goal Planning

We breakdown your dream goals for influence and revenue and then how can we use story-driven videos and content to reach those goals.

Brand Strategy

We create video and content with your custom strategy in mind.
Use your offers and funnels to guide purpose in content planning.

Content Planning

We plan and create a clear structure to the list of videos and content we need to create in batch.

Batch Content Creation

We come to you, or you come to us, 2-3 days every 6 months to batch film 6-12 months of videos we've strategically planned, scripted, SEO'd in order to then optimize and capture each purpose-filled message on video.

Content Editing

Our team multiplies the impact of your videos by editing repurposing each video into multiple types of content (social, blogs, podcasts...) specific to the platform: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Funnels, Courses, and more. 


Publishing Strategy

Using our strategy for your content, we incorporate SEO, lead magnets, and more so all you have to do is collaborate with notes and approve (or empower your team to do so). Publish to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Courses/Programs, Ads, Live Events, and more.

Plus - Get These FREE Bonuses

BONUS: Story Therapy Course

A Step-By-Step Course To Discover, Document, And Publish Your Stories To Connect And Convert Your Audience. Taking your business to the next level with story-driven content and messaging is one of the best ways to build an audience and grow your business!

BONUS: Creating Videos That Connect and Convert with Story

Using story therapy/storytelling structure
Share case study examples of clients and the impact their story videos had (julie stoian)

BONUS: Private “Members ONLY” Facebook Group

Using story therapy/storytelling structure
Share case study examples of clients and the impact their story videos had (julie stoian)
Want More Results, Quicker? If you join The Coaching Experience you'll also get

COACHING ONLY: Live Group Support and Training Calls with Dallin

Using story therapy/storytelling structure
Share case study examples of clients and the impact their story videos had (julie stoian)

COACHING ONLY: 3, 1:1 Calls with Dallin and Team

Using story therapy/storytelling structure
Share case study examples of clients and the impact their story videos had (julie stoian)

COACHING ONLY: Private “Coaching ONLY” Facebook Group

Using story therapy/storytelling structure
Share case study examples of clients and the impact their story videos had (julie stoian)

COACHING ONLY: Script + Video Reviews From Content Supply Team

At the coaching level we want guide you through this video planning stage. We will review your scripts and video outlines as you complete them. You'll have the support of Dallin and the Content Supply team.

COACHING ONLY: Full-Scale Content Workflow + Team Set Up For You In Your Business

Using story therapy/storytelling structure
Share case study examples of clients and the impact their story videos had (julie stoian)
Which Experience Is Right For You?
Lifetime Access To The StorySelling Program
Downloads, Resources, Templates, Video Workflows, and Training
BONUS: Story Therapy Course
BONUS: 'Create Videos That Connect + Convert with Story' Course
Members Only Facebook™ Group
Live Group Support and Training Calls with Dallin
3, 1:1 Calls with Dallin and Team
Script + Video Reviews By Dallin and Content Supply Team
Private “Master StorySellers ONLY” Facebook™ Group
Full Content Workflow Set Up By Content Supply Team
"I love your brilliance and creativity...
the content is fabulous!"
"Before I started working with Dallin, I was having a hard time putting together my story, getting the pieces together and put it in the right order to engage my audience. You want to make sure you’re giving your audience the best vision and viewpoint of yourself with authenticity and honesty, but also in a way that serves them most. 

So when I was working with Dallin, he lead me in the right direction and gave me a framework of how to structure my story so it was exactly what I needed in order to share with my audience. And then on top of it, his film expertise gave me the most amazing opportunity to share exactly what my audience needed with them and to bring myself in the way that I wanted to bring to them.

Heather Remec
Marketing Expert, Sales Song Agency
"I worked with Dallin on my batch video recording and I can't recommend him enough. He was professional, innovative and a pleasure to work with. The final product was amazing and it's obvious as soon as you start working with Dallin how much thought, care and innovation goes into his work."
Emily Hirsh
Marketing Strategist, Hirsh Marketing
"I was blown away by the quality of the work as well as the story telling, it was a really really good video. I asked him to shoot my story and help me put together a brand story that would resonate with my audience.

It worked so well I ended up featured on Forbes. It’s gotten thousands and thousands of views and I use that video all the time now in my marketing. And since that time with that story video, I’ve actually hired him to help me with my entire video content strategy. He [Dallin] is a master, not just at video editing but at telling a story.

So if you’re thinking about video content in your business, which you absolutely should, Dallin Nead and his team over at Content Supply is the only choice. My business will never be the same again." 
Julie Stoian
VP of Marketing, Clickfunnels
A framework that combines strategic storytelling with quality video-focused content, workflows, people, funnels, and more to create demand for your products and services and establish you as the go-to authority, expert, and influencer.
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