Be seen As an influencer and storySeller To get results with your video content
And No longer go unheard or unseen. 
Create the systems, team, content, and strategies to increase your influence 
and profits on Funnels, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more?
Imagine If...
There was a solution for you that did not demand more of your time all while increasing traffic, leads, and sales for your business - an experience focused on story, profits, and influence where your unique offer was understood through a process of discovery, creation, and execution. Well, this done for you solution does exist and it's called StorySelling!
That's why The storySellling content service was custom-built for you!
It's a combo of strategy creation, content planning, batch filming 9+ months of content in just 2 days, automated systems and publishing, traffic to fill your funnels, and more!
A Valuable Framework For You!
The StorySelling Done For You Service follows a framework that combines strategic storytelling and sales principles with quality video-focused content, workflows, people, funnels, and more to create demand for your products and services and establish you as the go-to authority and expert influencer.

You customers experience "StorySelling" when they feel connected and converted to your mission, offers, and community - they want to follow, learn from, and change their lives as a result.
More Traffic - Leads - Sales
Create consistent, predictable growth with story-first marketing and content.
Become THE Go-To Expert
Establish thought leadership and influence in a noisy marketplace.
Create A Massive Impact
Build a brand that transforms lives and built around your ideal lifestyle
"I love your brilliance and creativity...
the content is fabulous!"
Heather Remec
Marketing Expert, Sales Song Agency
"Before I started working with Dallin, I was having a hard time putting together my story, getting the pieces together and put it in the right order to engage my audience. You want to make sure you’re giving your audience the best vision and viewpoint of yourself with authenticity and honesty, but also in a way that serves them most. 

So when I was working with Dallin, he lead me in the right direction and gave me a framework of how to structure my story so it was exactly what I needed in order to share with my audience. And then on top of it, his film expertise gave me the most amazing opportunity to share exactly what my audience needed with them and to bring myself in the way that I wanted to bring to them.

Emily Hirsh
Marketing Strategist, Hirsh Marketing
"I worked with Dallin on my batch video recording and I can't recommend him enough. He was professional, innovative and a pleasure to work with. The final product was amazing and it's obvious as soon as you start working with Dallin how much thought, care and innovation goes into his work."
Julie Stoian
VP of Marketing, Clickfunnels
"I was blown away by the quality of the work as well as the story telling, it was a really really good video. I asked him to shoot my story and help me put together a brand story that would resonate with my audience.

It worked so well I ended up featured on Forbes. It’s gotten thousands and thousands of views and I use that video all the time now in my marketing. And since that time with that story video, I’ve actually hired him to help me with my entire video content strategy. He [Dallin] is a master, not just at video editing but at telling a story.

So if you’re thinking about video content in your business, which you absolutely should, Dallin Nead and his team over at Content Supply is the only choice. My business will never be the same again." 
You Are Ready For StorySelling If...
  •  You have a story and offer that needs to be shared with the world.
  •  You are a current or aspiring expert, thought leader, coach, influencer, or online entrepreneur that is already serving your customers and making money in some way.
  •  You want to use video marketing and storytelling to rapidly grow your business with more traffic, leads, and sales.
  •  You are serious about growing your business substantially, and want to create automated systems to generate more leads and clients.
  •  You are an entrepreneur who wants to figure out how to show up and sell more, serve your audience, create more content, and grow an influential business - without using very much of your precious time.
  •  You are tired of feeling like an imposter with your offers and audience - so you don’t publish content like you know you should - you need accountability.
  •  You deeply desire to build a legacy and create and live your ideal lifestyle by receiving expert guidance and implementation support.
If this sounds like you then...
Just in case we haven't had the pleasure of meeting...
I'm Dallin Nead
Over the past 10 years I've worked in corporate, travel, film and broadcast video production serving major brands like Princess Cruises and Teachable.

Through all of this I fell in love with the power of story and how it literally has the power to change the world and grow businesses.

I travel the globe using video and content to capture stories he's proud of and actually make a difference in people's lives and in the legacy of success for a business and person.

StorySelling was inspired out of the need to combine effective methods of marketing and storytelling with proven quality, systems, skills, and people.
Emily Hirsh
Alison Prince
Julie Stoian
Tobi Fairley
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